The total Quail Hunting Experience here at Rio Piedra Plantation is unlike any other Quail Hunting you might have ever known and hearkens back to a more genteel era, when the Quail were your longstanding neighbors and the coveys had names and the hunting was free and unconfined, as natural as lifting your shotgun and vest from the corner rack and heading afield after a long, lingering, hot Southern breakfast.

Now, this may seem to be an easy thing to say, but it is absolutely true, due in large part to both our GEOGRAPHIC and TOPOGRAPHIC location. And of course, to our uncompromising commitment to the enjoyment and fulfillment of You, our dear Friends and Guests.

You see, Rio Piedra Plantation is uniquely located in the very heart of the Classic Plantation Belt which stretches for roughly 100 miles through southern Georgia and into north Florida. The population density of Bobwhite Quail here is unlike that of any other place on earth. This is the very Epicenter of the Quail Hunting Universe, encompassing nearly 100 contiguous or near-contiguous large plantations, most of whom are completely private and date back to the Reconstruction Era.

And Rio Piedra Plantation sits dead center in the heart of it all.
No other publicly accessible hunting plantation is so strategically positioned. No other publicly accessible hunting plantation is so completely surrounded by the huge PRIVATE hunting estates.

And no other publicly accessible hunting plantation offers the steady stream of indigenous birds that we encounter here at Rio Piedra.
Geographically, this is simply where the Quail have always been and where they CONTINUE to be, in gratifying abundance.

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So what does this all mean for today’s Quail Hunter? The answer is rather simple once you think about it: Scientific studies utilizing radio tracking collars have revealed that Bobwhite Quail have a native range of up to 37 miles. At given times of the year there is a dramatic and instinctive dispersal of birds throughout their territories. This is simply nature’s way of ensuring the continued genetic diversity of the species. The result is that, being in the geographic center of this dispersal, Rio Piedra sits at the Crossroads of these migrations and thus enjoys the best-of-the-best when it comes to the continued influx of new birds into our own native populations of Quail.



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