Quail Plantation Dining & Lodging

At Rio Piedra Plantation, we realize that the difference between a good hunt and an exceptional hunt lies in the details. We leave nothing to chance and account for every last aspect before, during and after the hunt. This attention to detail is prominently displayed in the sprawling lodge and surrounding cabins.

Multiple, well-appointed dining areas provide large and small groups alike with comfortable venues to enjoy the finest cuisine the Plantation Belt has to offer. Breakfast and dinner are served in the main lodge while lunch is frequently offered al fresco on the lodge patio or the open-air deck overlooking the Flint River.

Additionally, Rio Piedra has a variety of indoor and outdoor settings that provide both the opportunity to socialize with fellow hunters or have more intimate conversations with close friends, family members, and colleagues. Our warm and friendly staff further enhances the ambience by infusing their keen sense of Southern hospitality to create an experience rarely found in today’s modern world.

Beautiful Lodge. Outdoor bistro and patio.
Steak. Gourmet dinner.

5-Star Dining

The dining at Rio Piedra has been described as “relaxed 5-star.” Our cuisine offers a fusion of traditional Southern fare and classic European dishes - featuring French, German, and Italian influences. Each handcrafted course, along with the use of fresh and often local ingredients, ensures a commitment to quality that can be savored with every bite. It’s this commitment that allows us to offer a dining experience that is unrivaled in the Plantation Belt and comparable — if not better — than most highly rated restaurants in large metropolitan centers.

Meet Our Chef

Dirk Flachsmeier was raised in Germany and attended culinary school in Europe. He’s lived in the Deep South for more than 30 years and worked in a French restaurant in Tallahassee before coming to Rio Piedra. Being an avid outdoorsman, Rio Piedra was the perfect home for Dirk’s two passions - fine food and hunting.

Chef Flachsmeier uniquely combines traditional European dishes with flavors typical of the Southern United States. Each season brings new flavors and familiar classics; examples of some of Chef’s favorite dinner entrees include Lamb Shank Provençale, Quail Marsala and Grouper Imperial.

Lodging with Southern Hospitality

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that your stay with us is as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. Here, you can be equally comfortable in dinner attire or in khaki and blaze orange. Our 2-story lodge features a host of amenities that will immerse you in traditional Southern hospitality and charm. In addition to our lodge rooms, we also offer spacious, beautifully-appointed guest cabins that allow you and your group to relax and unwind. Learn more about our quail hunting lodge.

Rio Piedra bedroom.

Experience our dining and accommodations

While our guests come to Rio Piedra for the exceptional quail hunting, they often leave in awe of our fine dining and well-appointed accommodations. In fact, many of the online reviews claim that our 5-star dining offered some of the best cuisine they’ve ever had.

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